HR Services

The Human Resources Management Department is committed to ensuring that the Bank attracts, recruits, develops, retains and sustains a high performing, diverse work force by developing and implementing progressive human resource management policies and strategies.

The department takes leadership in fostering a positive work environment that places high value on professional and collaborative work relationships while recognizing the importance of individual contributions. It encourages and maintains open communication channels within the Bank as a reliable resource to managers and employees who have questions or issues relating to workplace policies and procedures.

HR OutSourcing

We provide a single point responsibility and a low cost option to manage HR processes for your organization. Today, organizations are looking at every possible avenue to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The human resource (HR) department is not immune to this trend. High rates of attrition, employee disengagement and cost reduction pressures are driving the need to implement a Centralized Shared Services Model. Chief HR Officers of leading organizations are aiming to leverage Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) as a sustainable and competitive method to manage costs and allow the company’s core resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than managing transactional activities in HR operations. We deliver integrated, customized and scalable permanent workforce solutions that decrease time-to-fill and cost-to-fill for open positions. Through immersing ourselves into your business, we understand your needs, while bringing in our global and local expertise and reach to solve your business problems. We focus on finding cultural matches who fit seamlessly into your workplace and have the skills and character needed to contribute to your long-term business goals.

IT Staffing

Staff augmentation can help organizations to achieve numerous business goals faster that accelerate the quality and speed of project development, and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development.We offer our Staff Augmentation services to all major overseas locations with our highly skilled consultants having experience in different verticals.

Our key staff augmentation services include:
Contractual It provides flexibility, cost and time saving on consultant cost.
Contract to hire It provides effective consultant for clients and a safe alternative for permanent staffing.
Permanent Staffing It caters long term staffing needs of an organization.
Dedicated Staffing It gives access to one or a team of skilled consultants working exclusive on your projects.


We handle all updates, antivirus, security, and monitoring for you. You’ll know your systems are healthy every single day.

Helpdesk & Support

Our technicians assist your users via phone, remote session, or office visits. Access quality tech support quickly.


We maintain detailed documentation and analysis of your systems, and meet with you to keep you up to date.

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