Cyber Security and Risks

Investments in security are at an all-time high. Yet cyber-attacks are still on the rise, both in number and sophistication.

Aayansh Germinate's Cloud Security Solutions are a suite of cyber security applications integrated into our industry leading web content and application delivery network. The Aayansh Germinate cyber security cloud enables our clients in government, media, and business to employ a "defense in depth" strategy that safeguards critical web assets while reducing demands on their core infrastructure. Our services in the field of advanced cyber defenses help you protect yourself effectively from cyberattacks and unauthorized access to your data. You also benefit from our experts broad expertise whether you need network security, IoT security, identity and access management, penetration tests or other IT security services, we provide advice and find the ideal solution for your company.

Conducting a risk assessment to determine the likelihood and effect of cyber security incidents is a complex process that requires considerable planning, specialist knowledge and stakeholder buy-in to appropriately cover all people, process and technology-based risks. Without expert guidance, this can only be worked out through trial and error. We are providing best solution to our clients for improving the Cyber Security.



We handle all updates, antivirus, security, and monitoring for you. You’ll know your systems are healthy every single day.

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Our technicians assist your users via phone, remote session, or office visits. Access quality tech support quickly.


We maintain detailed documentation and analysis of your systems, and meet with you to keep you up to date.

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